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Re -examining the Activities of Jogendranath Mandal and Scheduled Castes Federation in Bengal (1943-1949)

Dr. sanjay Prasad




The present paper is all about the efforts of JogendranathMandal for ameliorating the hardships of the Dalits through the Bengal unit of Scheduled Castes Federation (SCF) from1943 to 1947. In this context, the Federation endeavoured to create an independent political platform by entering into a strategic alliance with the Muslim League. To achieve these goals, Mandal and his Federation ran through the following crucial points such as anti-Poona Pact day and the Dalit-Muslim League alliance, the election of 1946, Ambedkar’s election to the Constituent Assembly, the Calcutta riots, his nomination to the Interim Government and the anti-partition agitation. But Congress not only adopted all evil measures to side line the Federation rather ensured its defeat in the election. The paper also shows how the Congress’ and Hindu Mahasabha’s majoritarian instinct led to the partition of Bengal and thus crippled the Scheduled Castes Federation’s fight for the political autonomy of Dalit downtrodden.


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Journal: Kupuli Vol 1, Issue No 1, January-June, 2023